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Sunday, March 01, 2009
vet school starts tmr!

tmr is the first day of vet school! all those years of aspiring to be a vet and finally this day has arrived! since young i've always had a love for animals and always wanted to work with animals. when i was young, i'd want to be a zookeeper, and when I was much older I thought maybe a zoology or vet degree would be the most likely path to fufil my dream of working with animals. tmr i finally begin the long journey to fufil my dream.

vet orientation was fun too. everyone was really nice and friendly, and its always good to meet so many fellow animal lovers. the zoo trip was a little disappointing though, and so was the tour of werribee. I thought we would get a chance to tour the medical facilities, but sadly that wasn't the case.

disappointment aside, barn dance was pretty AWESOME! or maybe its just because of the alcohol. either way the dancing and drinking was really fun. i'm really looking forward to the other social events. considering how stressful how school life is, it'll be nice to let off a little steam with some partying and such.

speaking of school. the notes are looking rather scary. so is the timetable. but I guess that is only natural for a course that teaches you to treat so many species, and such a wide range of diseases. tmr is pretty mild, but the rest of the week isn't. and neither is the rest of the semester. and so it begins.

zp; 6:15 PM
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Friday, February 20, 2009
Feels like nothing's changed.

3 months gone and its back to australia real soon. Feels exactly like how it was one year ago before I left for australia. Its a mixed feeling, a really weird feeling. Maybe because this time I don't plan to return for the winter holidays. Maybe because I finally get to start vet school after waiting for ages. Maybe because despite all this excitement, there is something that I do not look forward to. Oh just start school already, I'm sick of waiting. I'm sure things will get better once school starts.

zp; 5:33 PM
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm back from Xiamen! I must say China has seriously progressed alot over the years, or at least Xiamen has. Theres plenty of high end shopping spots there and the stuff there are pretty cheap, clothes and food alike. Its quite a beautiful city, with colonial architecture along side traditional chinese buildings and modern apartments and buildings. At times it reminds me of singapore.

several places are worthy of mention:

1) xiamen and jimei university. this 2 major universities in xiamen both have sprawling campuses with beautiful landscaping and massive lakes. The building architecture is an interesting blend of east and the west.

2) Gu Lang Yu island. An island withour motor vehicles. The architecture there is an remniscent of european colonial times, as many countries set up their consulates there in the past. the view from the mountain top there is also fascinating. theres a piano museum there with a impressive collection of antique pianos.

3) The shopping districts. The shopping districts there were simply amazing. Its so vibrant and posh that I almost forgot that I was in China. There were plenty of famous brands there and high-end dining options were aplenty, yet prices were pretty reasonable.

4) The food. Food there is cheap. If you dun mind the lack of ambience, you can get really cheap food. We could get a really filling meal for four with meat, seafood and more seafood for about 30 sing dollars. simply amazing. well xiamen is a coastal city after all. seafood is cheap and very fresh.

5) The wet market. Its worth mentioning for some not-so-pleasant reasons. Plenty of live animals there waiting for slaughter, including fish, turtles, crabs, prawns, various sea creatures, ducks, chickens, pigeons and rabbits. watching the fish still alive and flapping around on the market floor is a little depressing. Its a interesting but slightly disturbing experience.

thats about all i experienced i guess. I was only there for 6 days so I bet theres alot more to do and see there. Its a very nice place for a holiday and definately quite economical too. I wouldn't mind going back there again.

zp; 12:53 AM
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Friday, January 09, 2009
vet school finally

the enrollment package for vet school finally arrived today! about time. anyway i'm still in the midst of going through it but sounds like it will be exciting. i really can't wait to start sch!

on a sadder note, a good friend of mine just lost her pet dog. it had to be euthanised and she did it personally. felt so bad that i wasn't there for her. i'm sure sooner or later i'll have to to similar procedures. when it comes to life and death its always never an easy decision.

zp; 11:13 PM
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Thursday, January 01, 2009
i luv chuck bass!

oh man chuck bass has to be my fav male character on gossip girl. female character would definately be serena, but that story is for another day.

i just finished season 1 in 6 days. and all i can say is wow. gossip girl in simply mind blowing. and this is my favourite funny moment in the season, and of course, it involves chuck bass.

warning though, SPOILER ALERT!

can't wait for season 2!

zp; 10:38 PM
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
A new addiction

Whats the best cure for an OC hangover? Gossip Girl! From the same producers of OC comes the hit show of the lives of Manhattan's elite. Looks like Josh Schwartz has shifted his attention from west coast to east coast. Its a great show btw. The characters are either drop-dead gorgeous or stunningly handsome. The music featured on the show is totally awesome, which is hardly a suprise considering the music supervisor is Alex Patsavas, the same lady who worked on OC and Greys anatomy. Her work is amazing. Not to mention the show has a couple cuter than Meredith and Derek on Greys, namely Serena and Dan! I just love that couple on the show. Amazing chemistry. Anyway the storyline so far on Gossip girl has been awesome. Amazing characters, great soundtrack, pretty setting(new york), what more could I ask for?

zp; 9:43 PM
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
sick at the wrong time

havent been feeling so well for the past few days. the timing really sucks. almost had to miss a food outing on monday with the vet people. well the food wasn't that spectecular though, maybe except that porridge, laksa and sambal stingray. kudos to terry the organiser, ironically though hes not even studying vet.

lets hope i'll get beter by tmr. i wanna go play mahjong with my friends, and also go back to the vet clinic again.

hey singapore has its very own gossip girl. interesting.


zp; 11:55 PM
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